You Are Sent To Kings

The story of the Apostle Paul’s conversion is a striking and well-known one.

On the road to Damascus Paul – or Saul as he then was – found himself surrounded by a bright light from heaven. A conversation with Jesus took place and a blinded Paul had to be led into Damascus by hand.

A man called Ananias was sent to Saul/Paul to restore his sight. This man was given Paul’s lifetime mission by the Lord and what is interesting about this is that not only did this prophetic message accurately predict the duality of Paul’s ministry to both Judah and the scattered tribes of the Uncircumcision i.e. Gentilised Israelites, it also included a vital part of apostolic ministry that is arguably even more relevant to us today than it was in the Early Church era.

This part is the forgotten “third dimension” of the Apostle Paul’s ministry. We see…

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