God Wants To Bomb Your City!

From henceforth expecting till his enemies be made his footstool. HEBREWS 10:13

This is a familiar phrase and theme in Scripture, both in the Old Testament and the New.

It is certainly something that carries the idea of conquest but those who think that it refers to people being crushed by brutal means have missed what the Holy Spirit is saying here.

This is not about a militant Christian crusade that enforces Christianity upon people and brings about some kind of tyrannical order where people are terrified into submission. It is about something far more glorious and wonderful.

You see, God wipes out His enemies by making them His friends. To be more specific, He makes those who oppose Him part of His family. To as many as receive Christ, we are told, God makes them sons and daughters (John 1:12,13).

It is an amazing and fabulous thing that God destroys opposition by accepting us and bombing us with love. mercy and grace.

panavia-tornado-gr4I say this because God wants to bomb YOUR city!!

It doesn’t matter to God how many people in your city are hostile to Him and don’t want to know Him. The truth is, He wants to have a relationship with those people and, although He will never violate our free will, He is happy to get “in your face” with people to show them how much He loves them and how dumb they are for rejecting this love.

As you take a stand in intentionally blessing your city and its inhabitants, you are dealing with the spiritual obstacles and hindrances that stand between people and the God who made them. You are demolishing strongholds that are in situ with the express purpose of keeping people from seeing how good God is.

If you have ever seen the film The Matrix you will know that it is about how what we call our world is an elaborate construct designed to keep people from seeing things as they really are. There is a lot of truth in this. The society and culture we live in is a satanic construct designed to keep people from seeing the truth about themselves – that they need God and they need to be saved. But also that God is a good God and has a purpose and destiny for us, as well as abundant life which is far superior to the mundane, drab lives many lead. And that includes supernatural power, miracles and wonders which fulfil our longings for such things. Sadly, ignorance of this true realm of the supernatural causes many to seek satisfaction in counterfeit realms of darkness and bondage.

God wants to bomb your city with His good news message, His love, grace and power. He wants you to be the bomber who will go over your city in the spirit and launch bombs that obliterate the darkness, disease, debt and death holding people in thrall. You do this, of course, by prayer and proclamation, decreeing blessing and life where there was only curse and death.

Your job is to make your city a comfy footstool for the Lord – a place He can feel right at home in and which gives Him pleasure and delight. This means that people in your city will submit joyfully to His love and offer of new life in Him.

You must be aggressive and determined to blast every last trace of darkness out of your city and to flood it with the light and life of the Lord. Your objective is the removal of every effect of the curse. “That may take some time,” some might say. Well, have you anything better to do?

Hebrews 13:14 says here we have no continuing city but we seek the one that is to come. In other words, we don’t have the society we desire yet so our job is to plant and build the heavenly city where we are.

The amazing thing is that by speaking peace and blessing upon our communities, we not only bomb the hell (speaking literally!) out of them, we plant heaven at the same time.

And give the Lord of heaven and earth a comfortable place to put His feet on…

Bombs away, folks!

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