God Bless You!!


Wecome to our site.where we seek to recruit, empower and enable people to practise Proverbs 11:11 as a lifestyle.

Rather than abdicate responsibility to politicians, charitable organisations or civic bodies, ElevenEleven people actively seek to bring societal change by decreeing blessing and speaking life to cities, towns and villages. This is the spiritual touch that others neglect or are not equipped to bring.

For want of a better word, atmosphere is often the biggest influence in places where people live together. The ElevenEleven Movement is concerned with changing atmospheres from negative to positive, from darkness to light, from hate-filled to loving, from depressed to happy and peaceful, from impoverished to prosperous and from sick to healthy.

We are looking for others who recognise the potency of Proverbs 11:11 thinking and its urgent need in our cities and towns.

Why a movement?

Well, we want to recruit as many as possible to practise ElevenEleven. And you don’t have to join the ElevenEleven Movement to do that. The reason you should is that there is power in unity.

The word “universe” means one verse or literally everyone saying the same thing.

Being part of the ElevenEleven Movement allows you to be part of a growing group of people all over the globe participating in saying the same thing(s) about where they live. And this means you are hooked up both locally, nationally and globally to other people in the ElevenEleven Universe!!

Please remember we are not about creating a ritual for people to parrot. Nor are we saying that everybody must say the exact same things at the exact same time. A big part of this is you being both creative and receptive to the Spirit about what you should say in blessing your city. And you can share great blessings and declarations with other ElevenEleveners.

The point is, we are all blessing and decreeing good things. The Bible says that one can put a thousand to flight and two. can chase away ten thousand. This means that there is exponential power in the group dynamic. The more people saying the right things about your city will create a tipping point that will see an avalanche of blessing where you live!!

Please consider committing to this Holy Spirit movement. And encourage others to do the same. Start ElevenEleven meetings in your area and be a conduit of blessing!!